Customized strategies for business owners and entrepreneurs

No one who has ever owned a business has said being a business owner is a glamourous job! While you might be busy with the day-to-day care and management of your enterprise, rest assured that we can take care of your investment assets. Business owners have specialized needs in many cases and various tax considerations.

If your business is incorporated, the corporation can and hopefully does have cash assets. A company can invest its cash just like an individual can. Whether it is an active business or a holding company, we can help you take care of any investments or cash management needs you may have. As you know, cash on the sidelines does not grow. We can make sure your business investments are working as hard as you.

We are also insurance licensed and can assist with things like life insurance for buy sell agreements or key man policies or disability insurance for owners and employees.

Group RRSP plans are also another added value we can assist our business owner clients with.